Scarlet Book Review (Spoiler Free)


Author: Marissa Meyer

Publication: February 5th 2013 by Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 452


Rating – 4.5/5

In the second installment of the Lunar Chronicles, we follow a new protagonist by the name of Scarlet. As Cinder was a re-telling of Cinderella, this book is a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood. As usual, Marissa Meyer adds her own spin on it by incorporating a sci-fi twist. We basically have Scarlet who is on a mission to find her lost grandmother and along the way, she recruits the help of a fighter named Wolf. We also still see the stories of Cinder and her new accomplice, Captain Thorne, as well as Kai’s story arc too. Eventually all these stories do intertwine and more mysteries about the Lunar civilization are unraveled which keeps you glued to the book. I will admit that the first half of the book is quite slow which is why I gave it a 4.5/5 stars but the second half was very fast paced and it made up for the slow start.


  1. Scarlet – Fiery, Outspoken, Bold. Scarlet is a very strong character but I kind of saw her to be all over the place in the beginning but by the end of the book she does become a bit more rational and mature about her actions. Another issue is that she was only dealing with one problem which was finding her grandmother and that was pretty much it. However, since we will see more of her character in the future novels, I am sure there will be more room for character tension, struggles and development.
  2. Wolf – Silent, Strong, Fighter. Wolf is sort of the opposite of Scarlet since he is more reserved but still strong in character. There were a lot of mysteries surrounding his character which kept me intrigued and I ended up liking him in the end.
  3. Captain Thorne – A bit vain, Flirtatious and ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Captain Thorne was definitely the comic relief in this novel and there were so many moments where I couldn’t help but laugh out loud with his shenanigans.


While I wouldn’t say this was a perfect book, I do think it offers a lot of potential for the continuation of the series. There are a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries which remain unsolved but this is what makes you fall in love with these books and reach for the next novel in the series. Marissa Meyer has definitely become one of my favorite authors of all time. How about you all? Did you enjoy Scarlet?


Cinder Book Review (Spoiler Free)


“Mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth.”

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publication: January 3rd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends

Pages: 390


Rating – 5/5

Despite being marketed as a fairy-tale retelling, this book had so much more intricate plotlines and characters which immediately pulled you into the story. On a whole, this was basically a combination of Cinderella, Terminator, Star Wars and Sailor Moon. It may seem like a crazy mash up, but it truly is a remarkable world and a captivating story line and it only gets better with each book in the series.

Cinder is a loose re-retelling of Cinderella in a sci-fi setting. Our main character, Cinder, is a cyborg mechanic and she lives in the futuristic city of New Beijing. Despite having such major advancements in the future including androids and net screens, the city is facing a major crisis: a deadly plague called Letomosis. Finding the cure for this disease does become a major driver for this book; however, there are much more intricate plot lines involving politics (tension between the Earth and the Moon settlements) and the mystery involving the Lunars and Cinder’s past which are flawlessly woven into the book which makes it such a captivating read.


Cinder – Bold, Intelligent, Insecurities as a Cyborg. I really loved Cinder as a main character. She had a lot of strong qualities but also a few flaws which doesn’t make her perfect and I love her for that. Despite being treated poorly by society and her stepmother for being a cyborg and therefore, not technically human, she is still strong enough to voice her opinion

Kai – But first, SWOON ~


Classy, Smart, Insecurities about being a leader. Typically within a lot of fairy tales, the female lead is the main protagonist and the male lead will have the “Prince” role but with no depth in character. This was not the case for this novel. Marissa Meyer did a fabulous job creating Prince Kai as a character who experiences his own struggles for having to live up to his father’s reputation as the emperor as well as deal with his own internal insecurities for making the right decision for his country. He also becomes a character who I could connect to for having to grow up to fast, having his youth stolen from him and also facing that burden of upholding that family image. Maybe it’s because I’m the eldest in my family and there is a lot of expectation from me but I think this is the first time I really connected to a male character more than the female lead which I thought was very interesting but cool. Kai, my Bae, I feel for you. I really do . . .


Queen Levana – PURE EVIL; We do see a small snippet of her character here and we see more of her in the future books but from her actions, we can definitely tell she is cold, vain and heartless. She is very meticulous in her plans in order to ensure that she would always succeed. She rules the Lunar Kingdom through fear and that itself shows how cruel she is.

Iko, Peony, Pearl, Adri – Of course we also have the minor characters who add so much more into the storyline, For example, Iko, Cinder’s android provides so much comic relief throughout the novel and I absolutely loved her. Despite being Cinder’s stepsister, Peony truly loved and supported Cinder and she was a sweet character. Adri, Cinder’s stepmother, was ruthless as expected and boy, did I hate her with a burning passion. At certain points in the book she had me like,


Overall, this was quite a solid book. It had a great story line, well-developed characters and a dash of romance to keep you glued to the book. It had its moments where you were flailing at the cuteness, nearly tearing up at moments of heartbreak and also cheering for our main character for her strength and boldness.

Have you guys started the Lunar Chronicles? Did you enjoy Cinder too? And what’s your favorite book is the series?

Most Anticipated YA Releases 2016

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great week. The weekend is finally coming yayyyy! I’m planning on seeing Captain America: Civil War

ERMAGAWD I get to see BAE ❤ 


Ahem . . anyways, I just wanted to share a quick blog post with you all about my most anticipated releases this year. It’s already MAY and we have seen fabulous YA books so far but there are some upcoming releases which I am super excited for. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.


Fury Rising by Jeyn Roberts (May 16th 2016 – tentative) 


This is actually the final book of the Dark Inside series and I am so surprised that no one on Booktube had ever mentioned it. This series is definitely one of those underrated books which deserves the recognition. It takes and interesting twist on dystopian/apocalyptic genre questioning human values, strength and courage and I would recommend you all to try it out for yourselves.


A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir (August 30th 2016) 


If you have been following me, then you pretty much know how much I adored the first book of this series: An Ember in the Ashes. It is such a brutal world and you can’t help but connect and feel so much for the characters. I certainly hope the second book will be just as good or even better.


Fever Code by James Dashner (September 27th 2016)


I absolutely love The MazeRunner series as well as the movie line. The characters are just so awesome and they are equally well portrayed in the film. The Death Cure is going to be released next year and I don’t know if I will be able to handle it. THE FEELS MAN!


Also, I hope Dylan O’ Brian recovers from his injuries.It’s just really heartbreaking since he is a pretty chill, down to earth guy that something like this would happen to him. But nevertheless, you have to stay positive so I wish him the very best.


The Fever Code is basically  a prequel to the entire MazeRunner series which details everything that happened before Thomas first arrives in the glade. I feel like we are going to get more stories on our favorite characters (Newt, Minho hehe) and I can’t wait for this one. James Dashner also gave us a sneak peek into the book with the release of prologue in Newt’s POV. You can it check out HERE (Hope you Newt lovers are able to handle it)


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (September 27th 2016)


I loved Six of Crows and I know I will definitely love the sequel, Crooked Kingdom. How awesome is the premise though? A group of criminals trying to pull off an impossible heist. It was so captivating and the world was so different from anything else I read that I was automatically drawn to it. I can’t wait to see where the plot goes from the ending of the first book. I NEED TO KNOW!!


Heartless by Marissa Meyer (November 8th 2016)


After reading the Lunar Chronicles, I have officially become a fan of Marissa Meyer and her writing. Her creativity and writing style is just so mind blowing that I am sure I will pretty much read every book that she releases from this day forward. As soon as I found out that she is writing another fairy tale re-telling/prequel, I was super excited. Heartless is going to be a prequel to the Queen of Hearts and I have a feeling that this is going to be awesome!


Those are the books which I am looking forward to this year. How about you guys?