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1. Reflection “When will my reflection show who I am inside” – An inaccurate book cover that doesn’t really reflect what the book is about.


For this question, I will choose Orange: The Complete Collection cover by Ichigo Takano. The reason is that the cover gives off a cheesy, high school, love triangle vibe, but IT IS SO MUCH MORE than that! I think this is one of the mangas I have read which incorporates a very cool sci-fi element into the story and you do not get that aura from the main cover. Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres and I absolutely fell in love with the concept of the manga as soon as I picked it up! More importantly, the characters are just so well developed and you can not help but love this group and their friendship. It has become one of my favorite mangas of all time!

2. Mushu – A character with a lot to prove.


A character like Mushu would be Tina, or Porpentina Goldstein,  from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. From the beginning of the book we see Tina who has been dismissed as an Auror from the Magical Congress of the United States of America since she was conducting an investigation against the orders of her superiors. She had lost a bit of her confidence because of that but after meeting Newt and helping him recover his missing magical creatures, she grows dynamically with a lot of heart, strength and courage which ultimately helps her gain her confidence back.

3. “I’ll make a man outta you!” – A character who develops the most OR a book with some kick-a** training scenes

the darkest minds

I would have to choose Ruby from The Darkest Minds. Her character is just so dynamic that by the end of the book I was beginning to wonder if she was the same person! After being placed in a harsh concentration camp for children who developed abnormal abilities, Ruby is initially very scared but as the plot moves forward, she faces huge obstacles in her path and learns to overcome them, thereby becoming strong emotionally.

4. “A Girl Worth Fighting for” – A ship you will defend till your last breath


Cress/Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles – I adore them. I will defend them forever!!!!!


5. Huns – A book/character that gives you the creeps


A book character who has completely creeped me out would definitely be Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. I mean she was so vain to the point where she was willing to control the minds of people in order to manipulate them into loving her. She not only used her skills to control people but also to punish them as well with their own hands. You do see more of what she does in Stars Above or the collection of novellas from the Lunar Chronicles but urgh . . . it just gives me chills whenever I read those scenes.

6. Mulan – Your favorite bada** female protagonist

Six of Crows

Inej is one of my favorite characters in the Six of Crows Duology since she so bold, determined and caring despite having such a rough past life. Not only is she courageous but she also grows to become a skilled fighter with her blades after joining the Dregs. More importantly, she has such great morals and by the end of the book she becomes someone who is willing to fight for justice and others even though she had not been so fortunate. A  bada** Character Indeed!











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Top 5 Books of 2016 so far

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well! We are more than half way through the year already! Can you believe that? My July reading was not so great but I am hoping to catch up this month haha  So far, I seem to be on schedule with my Good reads goal – completed 27 out of 40 books. So without further ado, lets get to the list:

5. Orange: The Complete Collection by Ichigo Takano



– The most cutest and heart wrenching thing I have ever read; I was recommended this manga through a few reviews and I absolutely loved it. It does have that comedic humor we see in these types of literature but there was a deeper message behind it and it was so refreshing to read. I will have a review on this soon! 🙂

4. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Braken


 – This was just an amazing start to a fabulous series. I absolutely loved everything from the plot line, the setting, and the characters! If you are looking for a great dystopian read, I definitely think you should give this one a try. If you would like a more in depth, spoiler free review, check it out HERE

3. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


 – One word to describe this would be BRILLIANT. This was just beautifully written and even though the characters are flawed, the writer does a fabulous job of making you feel for them. The premise of this book was so intriguing it automatically captured my attention: Outlaws trying to pull of an impossible heist. Who wouldn’t want to read that? Check out my review HERE 🙂

2. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir



 – This book kept me up until 4AM. Yes, 4AM. I read this in one sitting. That was how dangerously addictive this book was. As soon as I started reading, the story just takes off and there is never one dull moment. There is just so much action mixed with a thrilling and captivating story, it’s just too much of an awesome read! You can read a more in-depth review on my blog HERE

1. The Lunar Chronicles By Marissa Meyer


– It’s official. This has become one of my favorite series of all time (after Harry Potter of course). I just loved how Marissa Meyer crafted this story as a fairy tale re-telling but with a scifi twist. How cool is that? All the characters in the stories were amazing in their unique way. Brave Cinder, Fiery Scarlet, Sweet Cress, and Crazy Winter lol I adore each and everyone of them. Plus, Cress and Thorne are relationship goals! 🙂 Definitely check out my blog for their individual reviews!

How about you guys? Do you have a top 5 of the year so far? Let me know in the comments below?

Cress Book Review (Spoiler Free)


“Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe It’s just the opportunities we’re given and what we do with them. I’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. We have to make them ourselves.”

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publication: February 4th 2014 by Feiwel & Friends

Pages: 550


Rating – 5/5

OMG. What a crazy adventure that was! This is probably my favorite book of the series so far. I was completely hooked by the first few pages. Even though this was 500+ pages, the novel never slowed down for me. There was always something happening in every chapter and for that reason, it was pretty fast paced. I also adored the characters as well. Cress and Thorne were absolutely adorable and fun and I loved those two together. Let’s not even bring up Queen Levana . . . OMG  she just gets worse and worse with every book. I love how Marissa was able to bring these different story arcs together. It was done so well. Even though a lot of things happen in this book, it never once got too overwhelming to the point where it was chaotic. The pacing was perfect, the characters were dynamic and so well crafted and the story was just brilliant.

As Cinder and Scarlet followed the stories of Cinderella and the Little Red Riding Hood, Cress is about the story of Rapunzel. What I love the most about Marissa Meyer’s writing is that she can flawlessly intertwine the story of a new character along with the bigger story arc which progresses throughout the stories. Cinder, along with her band of friends, venture to a satellite in order to free Cress. However, the rescue mission ends up going haywire and the group becomes separated. We follow the characters through their travels while simultaneously learning new information about their rivals while meeting a few new characters as well.


Cress – Soft-spoken, shy, brilliant hacker – Cress is a character who undergoes tremendous character development since she starts out as a shy, sheltered girl who eventually learns to spread her wings and fly on her own. Her relationship with Captain Thorne was also something which I ADORED since she was a bit of a fangirl, which I could relate to!

Captain Thorne – I absolutely loved Thorne in this book! We typically see him as the comic relief of the novel but in Cress, we see a completely different side to him. The characters are placed in crazy situations and we get to see how they tackle the different obstacles  in their path. Plus I’m a fangirl of his like Cress! *faints*



It isn’t just the new characters who go through so much struggles, it’s also the previous characters as well. For example, we find Cinder struggling to grasp hold of who she is and also become a leader for this revolution despite the amount of negative press against her. We also see Kai in a difficult situation where he needs to make decisions which would be best for his people even if it means making personal sacrifices. The emotions the characters feel are so real that you can’t help but feel for them. The addition of new characters also allows for more intricate plot lines to develop and Marissa Meyer does this so well that you can’t help but be glued to the book. Even if the next chapter moves onto a character which I am not quite interested in, the chapter always turns out to be interesting since we learn new things about the plot line/mysteries, etc. As of now, my favorite couple has to be Cress-Thorne since they just seem so adorable together. Next would be Cinder-Kai and then Scarlet-Wolf. We also see/meet a Lunar Princess Winter and I can’t wait to learn more about her in the next book! Cress was definitely 5/5 stars!

Did you guys enjoy this book? Let me know!

April Wrap Up


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! 🙂

I wanted to share with you all the fabulous books I read in April! I finally started the Lunar Chronicles! Yayyyy! OMG I feel like everyone in the book community already finished the series and I just started! I am currently only up to the third book and I am planning on reading the last book, Winter, in May. I am so excited!! Marissa Meyer is a fabulous writer.

All the books I read in April I did end up giving a 4-5 stars out of 5 stars so it was a pretty awesome reading month. I will also have an in depth review of all these books in the future so please keep a look out!

  1. An Ember in the Ashes – 5/5; How is this a debut novel? This was super fast paced and the story is so addicting! LOVED
  2. Cinder – 5/5; A fairy-tale with a science fiction twist, how awesome is that? AMAZING
  3. Scarlet – 4.5/5; Captain Thorne is hilarious, I loved the comic relief he brings to the story
  4. Cress – 5/5; I love how we explore a different character and setting/country every time. The plot line just gets better and better, by far my favorite book is the series.
  5. Stolen Songbird – 4/5; This book exceeded my expectations. I was so intrigued by the characters, the plot, the mystery and the convoluted politics. A great start to a trilogy!

Happy Reading Everyone! 

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