Caraval Sequel Update :)




Look at this cover!!! Isn’t it beautiful????




I absolutely loved reading Caraval early this year. This easily became one of my favorite reads of this year and maybe even of all time!  I would highly recommend this book if you love novels with adventure, mystery, and magic.

And if you have not checked out my review for the first book, you can read more about it HERE

Stephanie did reveal a few details regarding this sequel such as we will be following Scarlet’s sister’s (Tella) perspective. I loved Scarlet and Julien from the first book so I hope we would see a glimpse of them in the second but I am still excited to learn more about Tella. After working on Legendary for nearly 2 years, its been revealed that it will be releasing May 29, 2018.

You can read more of the author’s thoughts in her blog post HERE

I have already added this to my GoodReads list!

Are you guys excited for Legendary??? Feel free to share your thoughts below!




Caraval Book Review (Spoiler Free)


“Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.”

Author: Stephanie Garber

Publication: Flatiron Books

Pages: 407

Rating: 5/5


OMG The amount of twists and turns in this book was insane! Despite my feelings scrambling all over the place and my heart nearly jumping out of my chest at certain points, I REALLY enjoyed this book. A serious roller coaster of emotions and messing with my FEELS. Stephanie Garber is definitely one talented story teller and I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series!



Ever since they were young, two sisters by the name of Scarlet and Tella wanted nothing more than to attend the world’s most spectacular event called Caraval. Fueled by the magical stories they heard from their grandmother, Scarlet begins to send letters to the Master Legend in order to somehow gain entry to their performance. Within a few years, she finally gets the chance to attend Caraval but through a certain turn of events, her sister is kidnapped. Now, she needs to enter into Caraval and find her sister before the “game” is over or else she will disappear forever.


Scarlet – Naive, Cautious; From the start of the novel, you can easily tell that Scarlet is the most cautious of the two sisters and in some instances it almost seems to be bit overbearing; however, you can understand why her personality is like that due to her current situation with their abusive father. I really did like that Scarlet was very clear on her goals (finding her sister) and made it her priority throughout the game. Her character growth was remarkable and you see her grow to become a stronger person by the end.

Julien – Mysterious, Playful; Julien definitely did have mysterious and dangerous vibe to him at the start of the novel which is one of the reasons why you couldn’t help but be curious about him. The romance does not overshadow the plot line of the book and I appreciated that aspect of the novel. And I love the way he calls her Scarlet “Crimson” lol


Tella Bold, Reckless; Tella is very much different from her sister in the fact that she is bold enough to do the unthinkable and plunge into situations without having to give it a second thought. This is one of the reasons why Scarlet is quite protective of her since she fears that she may do something that would get them both into all sorts of trouble with their cruel father. However, she does care for her sister very deeply and would help her no matter the costs.

My thoughts:

From the entrance to Caraval, you can already start to sense the ominous and mysterious aura throughout the event: everything from the performers to the intricately designed world. It almost feels as though you are in a completely different universe. Though there are elements of magic used within this world, there is also a bit of darkness as well.

What made this story enticing was the fact that it was a story about sisters and this was something I could relate to since I have a younger sister. Stephanie also does a great job in slowly tying the threads together which helps provide clues to the readers as to what is actually happening. In its entirety, I would describe this novel to be a mystery since there are times when you are not really sure what is going on. In some cases, you may think the story is going one way and then suddenly things flip and you find yourself in a different situation than before. I loved that it always kept us guessing. And this is probably what made the book so addicting that I pretty much flew through it!

Overall, I would highly recommend this book if you love books with adventure, mystery, and magic. Have any of you read Caraval? What were your thoughts on it?