Top Ten Tuesday – Outrageous Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books


Hello everyone! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday and for this week’s post we need to address the outrageous things we’ve done for the love of books. Let’s face it. Being a book blogger or an avid lover of books could place us in some silly situations and I’m here to share a couple with you! I think this has got to be my favorite Top Ten post ever. Gawd I’m so EXTRA LOL

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Without further ado, here is my list!

1. Pulled an All Nighter til 4AM – This was all because of one book – An Ember in the Ashes. As I mentioned in my review for this novel, it was so addicting. It was because the stakes were so high and the characters were placed in crazy situations and as readers, all we can do is just sit in anticipation wondering what in the world could happen next. And I didn’t even realize how late it was until I heard my family getting ready for work  LOL

what am i even doing.gif

2. Suffered Back Pain – Nope. You didn’t misread, this did happen recently while I was reading Hunting Prince Dracula. I think the hardest thing to do while reading is finding a good reading position. Ahem. . .it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t really find mine. My usual reading spot is on my bed and I was pretty addicted to my book so I didn’t really pay attention to anything else. Which is why I woke up to a severe back pain in the morning. *slow motion clap*

sarcastic clap.gif

3. Read at Work – Ok, so hear me out! I have a logical reason for this, I swear! You know when you are reading a novel and every single time we have those darn cliffhanger endings? That was the case for this reason. So whenever I had a break or when my coworkers would want to go out for lunch, I would stay with my novel on my desk, determined to finish a couple of chapters . . . . That didn’t really sound convincing. But you get my point right?

loki gurl

4. Nearly broke down when my book covers don’t match – Yes, I am that person LOL Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but I do like to keep my shelves organized and it can be frustrating when I do spot a cover change T_T


5. Brought books to vacation just in case – Well . . . you never know when you might need it right? Who am I kidding? With my family, there is barely enough time to sleep when I am on vacation so when will I even find the time to read? And despite knowing this, I still bring a couple books in my suitcase!


6. Glared when people try to talk to me when I am reading – Just to clarify, this tends to happen with people I know and not with strangers haha Even if I purposely place myself in seclusion to read my novel, someone would think this is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation and ask questions about something I do not particularly have any interest in. Of all times, WHY NOW???


7. Bought an extra a copy of the book in Hard Cover so my series are uniform – Hey now, don’t give that look. I’m sure this happens to the best of us . . . . In my case, this was because my Falling Kingdom series were all in hardcover except the first book so when I found the first book in hardcover in a local book sale, I immediately grabbed it!

steve harvey .gif

8. Forgot to Turn the Stove Off – Let’s face it. Sometimes we are just a little too invested in our books. A similar situation happened to me when I was heating up milk on the stove and it ended up overflowing and creating a mess . . . my Mom was not happy hehehe Not sure what gif to use for this one soooo:


9. The amount of hours I spend working on my blog – As bloggers, it is necessary for us to be consistent with our posts and network with other bloggers in order to learn and grow our own blog. Long story short – It takes a lot of effort and time to maintain a blog and I feel like I am constantly preparing posts or scheduling times on my calendar on when to release my final drafts.


10. Hiding books from the FAM – So there was a period of time where I did not own bookshelves so a lot of my books were just scattered all over my room. And whenever my parents would saunter in, they would often give a look of clear judgement. So when I noticed my collection was growing,  I did what any logical person would do – I “cleaned” up by hiding a couple in my closet or dresser. I mean. . . what are you going to do?

suga gif

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I had so much fun writing this. Any of you done outrageous things for the love of books? And if you completed the Top Ten prompt for this week, link it below and I will check it out! 🙂

Until next time, keep reading and I will see you all soon with another bookish post!



37 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Outrageous Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books

  1. Haha! I totally get so many of these! My back always hurts when I buy so many from the bookstore and typically it’ll always be the first shop I go into so end up carrying them all around for the rest of the day!

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  2. I should have added number 5 to my list. I go to Florida in the winter and bring a box, yes, a box of books with me, then read from my kindle, buy books or pick them up from the library at the resort. Every year the intent is to read the box of books, then leave them in the library for others. I usually bring at least half back home. I love your list, but you better get that leaving the stove on under control, you don’t want to burn your house down. 🙂🔥👨‍🚒


    • WOW a box of books? That’s amazing! I’ve reached a compromise with my family to bring just 1-2. It’s a struggle haha and no worries, I’ve learned from the first time I left the stove on, so it definitely won’t happen again 🙂 And thank you so much for the follow! I really appreciate it! 🙂

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      • I travel by myself, so there is nobody that can say no. As long as I am still driving, I am good. When I start to fly because I don’t want to drive anymore, then I will have to stop. 😂

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  3. I’m practically crying at everyone’s answers to this post, because I relate so hard to everything 😂😂😂 I have read almost an entire book at work in a day… erm… oops? And I definitely know all about buying second copies of books so that my series match… and buying hardback copies of books that I already own in softcover… or buying a zillion editions of the same book so I have as many different editions as possible… I’m starting to sound loony so I’ll stop, but… ya know 😉

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    • IKR??? I was so surprised at how much in common I had with everyone’s posts! I AM NOT ALONE! YAYYY One of the reasons why I love being part of this community ❤ OMG a book in a day and that too at work??? Haha Trust me, I can understand all your struggles despite that non-reader may think it's loony hehehe And thank you so much for the follow! I really appreciate it! ❤

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      • I know Tuesday is long gone but I might just need to do my own post – I keep thinking of outrageous things I’ve done in the name of books 😉 Yes, it’s so awesome to be a part of a community that shares my obsessions! ❤ Hahaha yes my bosses were out of town (I work for a TINY company) so I did a little bit of work and then just read the rest of the day 😉 Thank YOU so much for following back – I hope you enjoy our little blog! 😀 ❤

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  4. Totally agree about wanting series to match! In the past I didn’t care, and my Series of Unfortunate Events books are an absolute disaster. Half are hardcover and half paperback, but it’s completely random which is which. I wouldn’t mind it as much if, say, the first half was hardcover and the second half were paperback, but it’s not even like that.


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  7. Omigosh, this was great! I’ve definitely did a lot of things because of books. The only one that I didn’t share with you was leaving the stove on – mostly because I’ve been too invested to eat in the past. XD Books certainly make us do the interesting things – and SO much agreement about blogging time. It certainly adds up so quickly. XD Wonderful post! 🙂

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  8. ayyy team “read at work”! luckily, I always read them on my computer or my phone (during lunch time) so it’s more discreet haha 🙃🙃 I think the most “outrageous” thing I’ve done for books is read in the car, because I get carsick, but I do it anyways 🙃

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