The Doon Series Review (Spoiler Free)


“I was his nightmare and my destiny his ultimate destruction.”

Author: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Publication: First Book on August 20th 2013 by Zondervan

Pages: About 360 per book


Rating: 4.5/5

Doon was definitely a light read compared to the other novels I have read this past month but sometimes its nice to take a break from a heavy dense book and move to something more lighter. Doon was the exact break I needed.

Doon follows two best friends, Veronica and MacKenna who travel to Scotland for a vacation and end up discovering another Kingdom/World which can only be accessed through a special bridge using two rings from MacKenna’s great aunt. Veronica also experiences the Calling where she sees a mysterious Scottish man who actually ends up being the Prince of the enchanted land they discover. The girls, along with the two princes of the land discover a dark secret of Doon and together they work together in order to break the evil enchantment.


  1. Veronica – Calm, Patient, Loves to Read – Veronica, also known by MacKenna as Vee, yearns to escape from her domestic life and the only one way she does that is through reading books and this is what makes her a believer and also quite a dreamer as well. Her motives are solely romance oriented in the first book but it is understandable why due to her past; however, once we move past the first book she grows to become a leader and voice for the people of Doon. Her character growth was truly remarkable.
  2. MacKenna – Bold, Daring, Rash – MacKenna is quite the opposite of Veronica but she still admires Vee and values her friendship which is one of the reasons I absolutely love this book. We do not have a lot of YA novels which focus on female friendship but this series executed this theme beautifully. I really admired how the two girls were able to support one another despite the overwhelming obstacles thrown at them.
  3. Jamie -Determined, A bit Cold, Leader – When we first meet Jamie, he is not how he first appears as in Veronica’s Calling and that made him more intriguing. Over the course of the novel we do see different sides to him and the struggles he is facing and I personally loved seeing his character develop throughout the series (although my heart nearly died a bit at the last book – those who have read it, know what I am talking about lol)
  4. Duncan – Lively, Kind, Captain of the Guard – Duncan is an interesting character since he is not in line for the throne since he is not first born, however, he has such a strong support and commitment to his brother which is quite admirable.

I have to admit the last book was my favorite since it really did heighten the stakes and we see characters pushed to their limits. Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I highly recommend it if you love Scotland, magical realms, magic/sorcery, friendship, romance and adventure.




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