The Darkest Minds Spoiler Free Book Review


“The Darkest Minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces.”

Published – December 18th 2012 by Disney Hyperion

488 Pages

Rating – 5/5


Sometimes when you come out of a reading a great series like The Lunar Chronicles, you need something to pull you out of that reading slump. And MY GOD, this book did it for me. It was so intriguing and different from any dystopian books I have read. The characters were so lovable and I just ended up having so many feels when I went through these heart wrenching scenes here and there. it just crushed my heart.


The Darkest Minds takes place is a post apocalyptic/dystopian world where a disease called IAAN wiped away a majority of the young population. The individuals who do survive are left with peculiar superpowers but the government regards them as a threat and therefore, they are sent to “rehabilitation” camps which more resemble the environment of a concentration camp. This is where we initially meet our main character, Ruby. However, through a sequence of events, Ruby manages to escape this nightmare prison and joins a band of kids lead by their charming leader, Liam and together they venture off to discover a home or safe haven all while avoiding the bounty hunters who are trying to track them down.


  1. Ruby  – Bold, Cautious, Survivor; Ruby undergoes tremendous character growth throughout the novel from a quiet, frightened girl to a strong fighter and I loved seeing her grow and accept herself for who she was. She grows with the support of her friends, Liam, Chubs and Lu and they were absolutely great together.
  2. Liam – Protective, Strong, Caring; I think I might have found a new book boyfriend; His sense of optimism and willingness to protect his friends no matter the costs is what makes him so admirable. But despite how perfect a person may seem, they do have their flaws as does Liam who holds a huge responsibility for his group and takes it hard if he makes a mistake.
  3. Chubs – Rational, Smart, Snarky; I personally loved Chubs, especially by the end of the novel. He is definitely the rational one of the group despite his snarky personality. He is quite loyal and committed to his group which is quite awesome!
  4. Lu – This girl is just adorable. She has this innocence about her but also a certain strength as well and I love her so much. A precious cutie who must be protected at all costs!

This book was completely different from other dystopian books I have read since it was diverse in terms of concept and execution. The writing was great. I honestly enjoyed how Alexandra was able to pull us into the dark environments the characters were in but also provide that suspense and thrill which keeps you glued to the book. The best thing about the novel was the characters. I absolutely loved the group that Ruby traveled with and their interactions were so awesome. I love how the author was able to create characters who are so relatable, it just makes reading so much more enjoyable!

Have any of you read The Darkest Minds or the entire trilogy? I haven’t read the entire series yet so let me know your thoughts! 🙂



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