Winter Book Review (Spoiler Free)


“Scars, scars, she was coming to have so many. She wondered if it was wrong to  be proud of them.”

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publication: November 10th 2015 by Feiwel and Friends

Pages: 824


Rating – 5/5

Wow! What a crazy roller coaster ride that was. This is how you end a series. Everything from the build up to the revolution, the actual war, the romance and character struggles were just so well done! This has got to be one of my most favorite series of all time! I will admit that there was a lot going on in the story but I still enjoyed reading this regardless. I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to the series. Parts in the book had me going like:


As with the other novels within this story, Winter picks up from where we leave the characters in Cress; however, this novel focuses on a new character, Princess Winter and we finally get to see the Lunar Kingdom. This is where Marissa Meyer sheds a bit more light on the conditions on the moon all while the Lunars are being oppressed by Queen Levana’s rule. The set up delineates the society to be a bit dystopian where the Royal Palace has the most wealth while the other sectors live in poverty. Together, Cinder and her friends start to build up the resistance against Queen Levana to defeat her once and for all.


  1. Princess Winter – Winter is the step daughter of Queen Levana and despite being related to the most WICKED woman throughout the kingdom, she is still loved by her people for her beauty, gentleness and kindness. Because of this, she undergoes constant abuse and manipulation by her stepmother who is without a doubt jealous of her ability to charm the people.
  2. Jacin Clay – Silent, Cold, Protective – Being a childhood friend of Winter, Jacin already cares for this “crazy” Princess even though he tries hard to mask it since he is part of the Queen’s royal Guard. Nevertheless, he tries his best to protect her would do anything for her. *Swoon*



Despite being 800 pages long, I ended up flying though this book especially when I reached the mid-way point. It never slowed down and we are constantly pushed to the edge of our seats, curious as to what is going to happen to the characters. I used to think that the characters were placed in crazy situations in Cress but they are pushed even further in this book and their loyalties are tested. It’s also amazing to analyze the character development within the novel. Everyone is NOT the same as they started out in the beginning of the series.

  1. Cinder and Kai – These two grow off of one another so much throughout the books and I’ve always rooted for them since the series started. Cinder loves Kai’s ability to speak and lead people while Kai is overly charmed by her skill in mechanics. They are too sweet. I loved that Kai at this point in the series is literally DONE with all the Lunar manipulation and he gives no Fs. His sassy comments were awesome! Go Kai!
  2. Scarlet and Wolf – These two have honestly been through the most compared to the rest of the group but they still manage to have a beautiful relationship with one another. They feel for one another when dealing with turmoil and they still manage to pick themselves back up and I love how Wolf calls Scarlet his “alpha.”
  3. Cress and Thorne – OMG The ship of all Major Ships! This was by far my favorite couple of the series. I love how they develop from one another to become the best they can be and how they inspire each other to be strong and “heroic.” Their passion, struggles and overall relationship is just so beautiful, I love them! I used to love Kai a lot since I started the series but it seems like Thorne may have stolen the spotlight!emma.gif
  4. Winter and Jacin – A classic Princess and the Guard tale. Their longtime friendship grows into something deeper and passionate and my god these two would do anything to protect each other no matter the costs and I just thought that they were so sweet for each other.

I also found it amazing that the women in this novel were so strong together and I loved how despite their different personalities, they supported one another. Typically in most YA novels we tend to see women against each other but it was so refreshing to see the opposite here. We are all on the same team! LOL and the guys were just hilarious. Especially Thorne and Kai! OMG I loved one particular scene with the two of them together where they were going back and forth with hilarious comments! Absolutely hysterical!

Its so sad that the series had to end. I ended up enjoying the story and the characters so much!!

Did you all enjoy the Lunar Chronicles? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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