Soundless Book Review (Spoiler Free)


“I have bruises and aches in parts of my body I didn’t even know existed, but I refuse to let them master me.” 

Book Details:

Author: Richelle Mead

Published on November 10th 2015 by Razorbill

266 pages


Rating – 4.5/5

After going through three heavy reads, I decided to take a break and start on something which was a bit more lighter and a quick, simple read. Richelle Mead’s Soundless was the book which gave me the break I needed from the intense novels I have read previously. It still has an engaging plot line and a unique premise to keep readers interested despite being a short book. Overall, I did enjoy reading this novel despite finding a few flaws.

Soundless is about a girl named Fei who lives in a village upon a mountain where no one is able to hear. Within this village, citizens grow up to be either of three positions: Artist, Miner and Supplier. Fei is part of the artist group, who are typically the well-to-do, refined people within the village. The only way in which the villagers receive any type of food is through a zip line that comes from another kingdom. Suddenly, the deliveries for the village start to shrink and on top of that, people also start growing blind and Fei is now facing the crisis of losing everyone and everything she worked for. Until one day, Fei suddenly recovers her sense of hearing which now becomes a huge advantage for her. Together with Li Wei (a miner), the two of them venture down the mountain to uncover the reason for the dwindling supplies.

Soundless was definitely a very quick read and I found myself enjoying this book. I loved the fact that this was a stand alone fantasy novel where everything tied up neatly in the end. It is sometimes nice to take a break from series with a read like this one. I also found the plot line to be extremely captivating because I was curious as to how and if there will be any communication between the characters since there obviously wouldn’t be any dialogue. Richelle Mead was able to pass through this barrier by using dialogue but still indicating that they spoke in sign language. She did that flawlessly and I never once found myself being lost within the book. Her writing style also deserves a lot of praise since it was the right amount of detail to see the world but not too much that you lose interest.


Fei – Fei is bold character since she is the type to stand up for what is right despite the consequences. Although she isn’t a fighter, she is a strong woman nonetheless. I also like the fact that she is very ambitious and that she has goals she wishes to accomplish all while taking care of her sister. Throughout the novel we see her become more adventurous and try new things even though they may seem impossible. Like a Queen 🙂

Li Wei – All I can say is that Li Wei is BAE ❤ Though he does have issues with the different classes and judges Fei for it, he begins to change once he sees her true colors. He is not afraid to speak up or show his feelings which is admirable for any character – best way for less misunderstandings. He is bold and strong but he was never once overpowering or arrogant. His words got me like

I really loved the adventure she took the readers on while keeping that mystery aura in the air. It’s not too often that you see a book solely based on Asian culture due to the lack of diversity in YA literature so I did appreciate Richelle Mead for writing a story with Asian characters. Also, the romance in this book was absolutely beautiful and cute – I never once felt that it was too rushed or that they weren’t the right fit for one another. It was very well done! *Squeals*

The only issue I had with this book was the climax since I felt that the genre switched from a Chinese historical fiction novel to a fantasy novel which made me a bit confused. I think it would have helped if there were more fantasy elements tied into the novel to make it more believable but I still thought it was a cool ending.

How about you guys? Did you all enjoy reading this book?


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